Welcome to Aldnoah Extra!

Hello, readers! This is Frog-kun. I worked on the Henneko and Oregairu projects here on Nano Desu. I’m pleased to present my third project: Aldnoah.Zero!

This is a bit of an unusual project for the Nano Desu team. As you might be aware, Aldnoah.Zero is an anime-original project, so the light novel I have chosen to translate here is not the source material upon which the anime is based. It’s actually a prequel novel released alongside the anime Blurays. I highly recommend you watch the anime first before you read the novel. None of these materials spoil the second season, so just watching the first season is fine.

Also, the light novel is not the only thing I’ve chosen to translate for your reading pleasure. Here is the full list of material which will be translated on this site:

Aldnoah.Zero EXTRA EPISODE 01: A manga focusing on Slaine’s backstory.

Aldnoah.Zero EXTRA EPISODE 02: A novel focusing on Inaho’s backstory.

Aldnoah.Zero EXTRA EPISODE 03: A drama CD featuring an alternate universe story.

Aldnoah.Zero ARCHIVEZ: Cast interviews and storyboards.

For now, we’ve released the first chapter of the novel. There will be a steady stream of updates on this site over the coming weeks, so please be sure to check it often!

Hope you enjoy!


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