About This Translation

Frog-kun avatarTranslator – Frog-kun

I am a moe girl from outer space who is disguised as a frog. I-I’m not translating because I like you or anything!

You may or may not know me from my other haunts on the Internet. I keep a personal anime blog where I write about whatever anime I like at the time and post up my own personal translations. Somehow, the agents at Nano Desu discovered I was planning to translate OreGairu and accosted me for their dastardly purposes. Then I got Stockholm Syndrome and decided I quite like it here, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’m pretty serious about the process of translation, since I believe light novels should be enjoyed like any other kind of literature, so I’m always open to feedback and/or criticism. I hope you enjoy reading!

msirps-avatarSupervisor/Editor – msirp

If you are reading this, you have been personally selected to carry on the legacy of msirp. Please keep in mind this information is entirely confidential and violation of the confidentiality agreement is forfeit of your soul to NanoDesu.

msirp was born into nobility and splendor. He spent many a days in a vibrant, hue-filled garden and many a nights ‘neath the sparkling, peaceful stars. Regardless of wealth and status, all youngsters develop curious minds and msirp was no exception. His curiousity lead to frustrations and indignations from his family and servants. A tumultuous spirit welling up within him, msirp abandoned everything he had for a chance to find the answers to life’s greatest questions. He died of tuberculosis, shortly thereafter.

Enslaved forever to talk in third-person, msirp’s spirit continues its poor excuse of a search through editing for some anonymous people it met on the internet.

CoffeeFlux Avatar

Editor – CoffeeFlux


I’m a worthless high-schooler that sits around and does nothing but program and consume Japanese media. I should probably be spending this time studying, but that’s no fun (my picture explains my approach to schoolwork rather well). I make an exception to this policy for my summer job of teaching programming.

While I know almost no Japanese, I’m quite good at Spanish, which is basically the same thing, sorta. At some point, I’ll hopefully sit down and learn Japanese, but since I currently only know romance languages it will likely prove to be a difficult process.

Anyhow, I’ve gotten very good at technical writing, and thought that editing LNs might be a fun way to practice informal writing a bit more. The fact that others can benefit from my work is icing on the cake.

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